Create and execute 30, 60 or 90 days worth of content in one day.

With this package, Alison works with your team to strategically create a content plan, calendar and number of platforms to share content on. Her and her team will come to you and batch record content in one day.


event videography

WMI Media offers strategic, on site videography services that have a purpose. 99% of content that we receive to repurpose and deploy across channels often lacks a clear story of how your brand or company changes lives, makes people feel something or solves a problem. We really need to do with with your video content to drive awareness, maintain your current business and generate new business. 

With online shifting almost entirely to video…you need a clear strategy on what you’re filming and posting and WHY. Sharing something on each platform will have it’s own nuance…hiring someone who is aware of this is critical to leverage your content, save you money and actually generate new leads for your business.


Social media management

We can fully manage your socials across channels. This can be combined with any other services or we can manage any content you already have. 


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