Content Management

We provide content management across platforms with growth packages available. TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, FB, Twitch, YouTube, Snapchat and any other emerging platforms.

Video Camera


We provide videography for events, batch content days and ongoing content and UGC needs (creating and sourcing). We can also work with in house videographers to create shot lists that are tied to growth. 

Video Editing

We have editing packages available a la carte or on a monthly retainer based on video length and style. 

Video Camera

Creative direction

Work with Alison directly to create a custom content plan that speaks directly to your demographic in a way that matches the energy of the platform we’re sharing content on. 

best in the content game

WMI Media prides itself in being a catalyst for creativity to be shared across platforms so that our clients can connect at scale both organically and with paid ads. We value quality and quantity so you can gain the most exposure to the right audience on each platform.

organic content

Organic growth is valuable because new platforms give us access to the right eyes for “free.” This type of growth is powerful and should be leveraged in conjunction with a paid strategy.

paid growth

Leveraging organic content as ads across platforms is a powerful way to grow and generate revenue with your content. Weekly calls to look at KPI’s is essential to the process.

content sharing

We generate content to share across platforms in the correct dimensions for each platform. Cataloguing your digital assets is critical to the content game. We have a system to manage this process.

Working with other creatives is my passion because it allows me to amplify the stories that need to be told and co-creating with high-level entrepreneurs, executives and creatives is my super power. There’s a ton of energy to manage and I’m able to work with it. 

Collaboration is not a punchline… I only collaborate with the best in each category.

Virgil Abloh

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